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For unbeatable crossability & deliverability


  • Advanced balloon pleat and fold processing for ultra-low crossing profiles
  • Integrated markers and small shaft diameter facilitates contrast media injection in small size guiding catheters


  • A Parallel guide wire exit port guarantees best pushability and a better dye flow injection.
  • Lower Profiles, jacketed hypo tube design and an exclusive blend of distal shaft materials for more responsive push and track

Crossbility Performance

  • Semicompliant balloons with an average burst pressure greater than 24atm.
  • Consisten 16 atm rated burst pressure across all sizes and lengths

Highly radiopaque, integrated markers facilitate contrast media injection in small sized guiding catheters

Next generation hydrophilic coatings with unmatched lubricity and low particulates.


RUBY semi-compliant balloon catheters are designed with a flexible tapered tip to guide the balloon catheter through the artery while avoiding any injury to the vessel wall.


The extremely flexible tip, hump free fusion of distal tip,inner lumen and balloon cone helps the balloon vatheter to reach or cross the most challenging lesions in tortuous anatomy.


Excellent, responsive trackability by virtue of its design. Highly flexible catheter outer body maximizes trackability perfoance.


Common Technical Specifications

Technical Specification
 Design  Rapid Exchange
 Balloon compliance  Semi-compliant
 Distal Shaft (outer diameter)  0.89 mm
 Proximal Shaft (outer diameter)  0.76 mm
 Usable catheter length  1409-1419 mm
 Lowest Crossing Profile  0.70 mm
 Minimum guide catheter compatible  0.058” /5 Fr
 Guide wire compatible  0.014″
 Nominal inflation pressure  8 ATM
 Rated Burst Pressure  16 ATM
 Marker bands  Two platinum iridium markers
 Tip profile  0.018″

Product Ordering Information

Diameter (mm) / Length (mm) 1.00 1.10 1.25 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00 3.25 3.50 3.75 4.00
5 RSC1000-05 RSC1100-05 RSC1250-05 RSC1500-05 RSC1750-05 RSC2000-05 RSC2250-05 RSC2500-05 RSC2750-05 RSC3000-05 RSC3250-05 RSC3500-05 RSC3750-05 RSC4000-05
6 RSC1000-06 RSC1100-06 RSC1250-06 RSC1500-06 RSC1750-06 RSC2000-06 RSC2250-06 RSC2500-06 RSC2750-06 RSC3000-06 RSC3250-06 RSC3500-06 RSC3750-06 RSC4000-06
7 RSC1000-07 RSC1100-07 RSC1250-07 RSC1500-07 RSC1750-07 RSC2000-07 RSC2250-07 RSC2500-07 RSC2750-07 RSC3000-07 RSC3250-07 RSC3500-07 RSC3750-07 RSC4000-07
8 RSC1000-08 RSC1100-08 RSC1250-08 RSC1500-08 RSC1750-08 RSC2000-08 RSC2250-08 RSC2500-08 RSC2750-08 RSC3000-08 RSC3250-08 RSC3500-08 RSC3750-08 RSC4000-08
9 RSC1000-09 RSC1100-09 RSC1250-09 RSC1500-09 RSC1750-09 RSC2000-09 RSC2250-09 RSC2500-09 RSC2750-09 RSC3000-09 RSC3250-09 RSC3500-09 RSC3750-09 RSC4000-09
10 RSC1000-10 RSC1100-10 RSC1250-10 RSC1500-10 RSC1750-10 RSC2000-10 RSC2250-10 RSC2500-10 RSC2750-10 RSC3000-10 RSC3250-10 RSC3500-10 RSC3750-10 RSC4000-10
11 RSC1000-11 RSC1100-11 RSC1250-11 RSC1500-11 RSC1750-11 RSC2000-11 RSC2250-11 RSC2500-11 RSC2750-11 RSC3000-11 RSC3250-11 RSC3500-11 RSC3750-11 RSC4000-11
12 RSC1000-12 RSC1100-12 RSC1250-12 RSC1500-12 RSC1750-12 RSC2000-12 RSC2250-12 RSC2500-12 RSC2750-12 RSC3000-12 RSC3250-12 RSC3500-12 RSC3750-12 RSC4000-12
13 RSC1000-13 RSC1100-13 RSC1250-13 RSC1500-13 RSC1750-13 RSC2000-13 RSC2250-13 RSC2500-13 RSC2750-13 RSC3000-13 RSC3250-13 RSC3500-13 RSC3750-13 RSC4000-13
14 RSC1000-14 RSC1100-14 RSC1250-14 RSC1500-14 RSC1750-14 RSC2000-14 RSC2250-14 RSC2500-14 RSC2750-14 RSC3000-14 RSC3250-14 RSC3500-14 RSC3750-14 RSC4000-14
15 RSC1000-15 RSC1100-15 RSC1250-15 RSC1500-15 RSC1750-15 RSC2000-15 RSC2250-15 RSC2500-15 RSC2750-15 RSC3000-15 RSC3250-15 RSC3500-15 RSC3750-15 RSC4000-15
16 RSC1000-16 RSC1100-16 RSC1250-16 RSC1500-16 RSC1750-16 RSC2000-16 RSC2250-16 RSC2500-16 RSC2750-16 RSC3000-16 RSC3250-16 RSC3500-16 RSC3750-16 RSC4000-16
17 RSC1000-17 RSC1100-17 RSC1250-17 RSC1500-17 RSC1750-17 RSC2000-17 RSC2250-17 RSC2500-17 RSC2750-17 RSC3000-17 RSC3250-17 RSC3500-17 RSC3750-17 RSC4000-17
18 RSC1000-18 RSC1100-18 RSC1250-18 RSC1500-18 RSC1750-18 RSC2000-18 RSC2250-18 RSC2500-18 RSC2750-18 RSC3000-18 RSC3250-18 RSC3500-18 RSC3750-18 RSC4000-18
19 RSC1000-19 RSC1100-19 RSC1250-19 RSC1500-19 RSC1750-19 RSC2000-19 RSC2250-19 RSC2500-19 RSC2750-19 RSC3000-19 RSC3250-19 RSC3500-19 RSC3750-19 RSC4000-19
20 RSC1000-20 RSC1100-20 RSC1250-20 RSC1500-20 RSC1750-20 RSC2000-20 RSC2250-20 RSC2500-20 RSC2750-20 RSC3000-20 RSC3250-20 RSC3500-20 RSC3750-20 RSC4000-20
21 RSC1000-21 RSC1100-21 RSC1250-21 RSC1500-21 RSC1750-21 RSC2000-21 RSC2250-21 RSC2500-21 RSC2750-21 RSC3000-21 RSC3250-21 RSC3500-21 RSC3750-21 RSC4000-21
22 RSC1000-22 RSC1100-22 RSC1250-22 RSC1500-22 RSC1750-22 RSC2000-22 RSC2250-22 RSC2500-22 RSC2750-22 RSC3000-22 RSC3250-22 RSC3500-22 RSC3750-22 RSC4000-22
23 RSC1000-23 RSC1100-23 RSC1250-23 RSC1500-23 RSC1750-23 RSC2000-23 RSC2250-23 RSC2500-23 RSC2750-23 RSC3000-23 RSC3250-23 RSC3500-23 RSC3750-23 RSC4000-23
24 RSC1000-24 RSC1100-24 RSC1250-24 RSC1500-24 RSC1750-24 RSC2000-24 RSC2250-24 RSC2500-24 RSC2750-24 RSC3000-24 RSC3250-24 RSC3500-24 RSC3750-24 RSC4000-24
25 RSC1000-25 RSC1100-25 RSC1250-25 RSC1500-25 RSC1750-25 RSC2000-25 RSC2250-25 RSC2500-25 RSC2750-25 RSC3000-25 RSC3250-25 RSC3500-25 RSC3750-25 RSC4000-25
26 RSC1000-26 RSC1100-26 RSC1250-26 RSC1500-26 RSC1750-26 RSC2000-26 RSC2250-26 RSC2500-26 RSC2750-26 RSC3000-26 RSC3250-26 RSC3500-26 RSC3750-26 RSC4000-26
27 RSC1000-27 RSC1100-27 RSC1250-27 RSC1500-27 RSC1750-27 RSC2000-27 RSC2250-27 RSC2500-27 RSC2750-27 RSC3000-27 RSC3250-27 RSC3500-27 RSC3750-27 RSC4000-27
28 RSC1000-28 RSC1100-28 RSC1250-28 RSC1500-28 RSC1750-28 RSC2000-28 RSC2250-28 RSC2500-28 RSC2750-28 RSC3000-28 RSC3250-28 RSC3500-28 RSC3750-28 RSC4000-28
29 RSC1000-29 RSC1100-29 RSC1250-29 RSC1500-29 RSC1750-29 RSC2000-29 RSC2250-29 RSC2500-29 RSC2750-29 RSC3000-29 RSC3250-29 RSC3500-29 RSC3750-29 RSC4000-29
30 RSC1000-30 RSC1100-30 RSC1250-30 RSC1500-30 RSC1750-30 RSC2000-30 RSC2250-30 RSC2500-30 RSC2750-30 RSC3000-30 RSC3250-30 RSC3500-30 RSC3750-30 RSC4000-30
31 RSC1000-31 RSC1100-31 RSC1250-31 RSC1500-31 RSC1750-31 RSC2000-31 RSC2250-31 RSC2500-31 RSC2750-31 RSC3000-31 RSC3250-31 RSC3500-31 RSC3750-31 RSC4000-31
32 RSC1000-32 RSC1100-32 RSC1250-32 RSC1500-32 RSC1750-32 RSC2000-32 RSC2250-32 RSC2500-32 RSC2750-32 RSC3000-32 RSC3250-32 RSC3500-32 RSC3750-32 RSC4000-32
33 RSC1000-33 RSC1100-33 RSC1250-33 RSC1500-33 RSC1750-33 RSC2000-33 RSC2250-33 RSC2500-33 RSC2750-33 RSC3000-33 RSC3250-33 RSC3500-33 RSC3750-33 RSC4000-33
34 RSC1000-34 RSC1100-34 RSC1250-34 RSC1500-34 RSC1750-34 RSC2000-34 RSC2250-34 RSC2500-34 RSC2750-34 RSC3000-34 RSC3250-34 RSC3500-34 RSC3750-34 RSC4000-34
35 RSC1000-35 RSC1100-35 RSC1250-35 RSC1500-35 RSC1750-35 RSC2000-35 RSC2250-35 RSC2500-35 RSC2750-35 RSC3000-35 RSC3250-35 RSC3500-35 RSC3750-35 RSC4000-35
36 RSC1000-36 RSC1100-36 RSC1250-36 RSC1500-36 RSC1750-36 RSC2000-36 RSC2250-36 RSC2500-36 RSC2750-36 RSC3000-36 RSC3250-36 RSC3500-36 RSC3750-36 RSC4000-36
37 RSC1000-37 RSC1100-37 RSC1250-37 RSC1500-37 RSC1750-37 RSC2000-37 RSC2250-37 RSC2500-37 RSC2750-37 RSC3000-37 RSC3250-37 RSC3500-37 RSC3750-37 RSC4000-37
38 RSC1000-38 RSC1100-38 RSC1250-38 RSC1500-38 RSC1750-38 RSC2000-38 RSC2250-38 RSC2500-38 RSC2750-38 RSC3000-38 RSC3250-38 RSC3500-38 RSC3750-38 RSC4000-38
39 RSC1000-39 RSC1100-39 RSC1250-39 RSC1500-39 RSC1750-39 RSC2000-39 RSC2250-39 RSC2500-39 RSC2750-39 RSC3000-39 RSC3250-39 RSC3500-39 RSC3750-39 RSC4000-39
40 RSC1000-40 RSC1100-40 RSC1250-40 RSC1500-40 RSC1750-40 RSC2000-40 RSC2250-40 RSC2500-40 RSC2750-40 RSC3000-40 RSC3250-40 RSC3500-40 RSC3750-40 RSC4000-40

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